Tuesday, October 7

10:00am – 11:30am 

(T23) Light Weight Concrete Studies in Bridges


Track: National Bridge Conference


Comparison between the Vibration Behaviors of LWC and NWC Girder-Deck Bridge Superstructure Systems: Finite Element Analysis Study (04), Mohammad Alhassan, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN and Bilal El-Ariss


The finite element analysis-based study proposed in this paper will compare the vibration behaviors of full-scale light weight concrete (LWC) and normal weight concrete (NWC) girder-deck bridge superstructure systems.


FHWA Research Program on Lightweight High Performance Concrete – Transfer Length (72),Gary Greene, Jr., PSI and Benjamin Graybeal, FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, McLean, VA


Using lightweight concrete in bridge decks and girders can reduce the dead load carried by the superstructure and substructure, thus allowing for longer spans and/or smaller members. FHWA has recently completed the fabrication of 27 prestressed lightweight high-performance concrete (LWHPC) girders. This paper describes the results of prestress transfer length measurements made on the girders.


Effect of Lightweight Concrete in Seismic Behavior of Bridge (46), Siddharth Srivastava and Monique C. Hite, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


The primary use of structural lightweight concrete is to reduce the dead load of a concrete structure, which allows the designer to reduce the size of columns, footings and other load bearing elements. This paper mainly focuses on modeling the non-linear behavior of a typical bridge in Georgia subjected to seismic loads.


Durability of Lightweight Concrete for Bridges (48), Reid Castrodale and Ken Harmon, Carolina Stalite Company, Salisbury, NC


This paper discusses the factors that contribute to ensuring the durability of bridge decks constructed using lightweight concrete is equal to or better than normal weight concrete. It presents the issues that need to be addressed in project specifications to assure good performance of lightweight concrete bridge decks.