Verify Registration Status
To register online or to download the registration form, please enter the registrant's email address below to see if the record exists in our system. If not, you will be asked to create a new user account.
Please note that every attendee needs to be registered separately, even spouses/guests will need to have their own record in the system in order to register online. When adding a spouse/guest to the system, please provide an email address that is different from the industry attendees, since all records are pulled up based on the registrants email address. Also, if you need to register more than one attendee, please exit your internet browser and start over in between each registration. This will avoid errors in the system.
All confirmations will sent to the primary email address set up in the system for each registrant.
For registration questions or problems, please contact Danielle Lang at or (312) 360-3212.
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